With the first 5G commercial mobile broadband networks getting off the ground, and the first devices coming to market, the focus of industry leaders is shifting toward exploring what’s next. 5G IoTis naturally the next major opportunity for the cellular industry. A leading industry analyst firm, Machina Research, forecasts a staggering 6 billion Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) IoT connections by 2026. While the 5G-NR (New Radio) IoT standard is still in development, LTE IoT has already started building a strong foundation and will support the bulk of those connections. Capitalizing on this foundation, 5G IoT, which is comprised of Massive IoT and Mission Critical Services, will take the performance to a new level, allowing a very high density of devices, as well as ultra-low latency and extreme reliability.


For industry participants who envision to be leaders in IoT, it is imperative that they continue to invest in LTE IoT, or else they risk losing their market leadership to competition.

Building 5G IoT on the Solid Foundation of LTE IoT

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