As awareness of the transformative nature of 5G is increasing, the industry is slowly waking up to the enormous challenge of securing not only the networks but also all the things these networks connect and the vital data they carry. The security of the Internet of Things (IoT) systems that connect homes, enterprises, industries, and countries' critical infrastructure is of paramount importance. 

IoT modules, which are at the heart of IoT devices, are a critical part of the complex and multifaceted security challenge. Any compromised module exposes the entire system. Hence, module security must be comprehensive, including the hardware, software, firmware, and management systems that facilitate device lifecycle management. 


This paper offers insights into:

  • Why are IoT devices more vulnerable to security threats, and why is it extremely important to secure them
  • What a comprehensive model of IoT device security looks like
  • How hardened IoT modules are key to IoT device as well as full system security 

IoT Modules Hardened with End-to-End Security

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