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We are a high-tech research, analysis, and advisory firm with deep domain knowledge and extensive hands-on experience in building and marketing products. We provide customized research, business and marketing strategy analysis, and advocacy across 5G, AI, IoT, Cloud/Edge Computing, and other emerging technologies

Services Offered

  • Expert advice and counsel on the full product lifestyle
  • Research, analysis, positioning and go-to-market strategy
  • Perspective and insights on market trends
  • Message articulation, review, testing amd tuning
  • Deep-dive technical and marketing white papers and reports
  • Performance testing, benchmarking and competitive assessment


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Qualcomm insists on calling its product offering a “Modem-RF System” highlighting the importance of RF in achieving excellent smartphone performance, as well as the tight integration between modem and RF subsystems that can take the performance even further. ... More

While the media is abuzz with the news of Samsung Foldable smartphones, being a network engineer at heart, I am more excited about Verizon and Samsung’s recent announcement about the successful completion of 5G virtual RAN (vRAN) trials using the C Band spectrum ... More

Marvell is a recognized leader in the data center chipsets market. However, when it comes to cellular space, despite being a valuable silicon provider to major network vendors, Marvell has largely remained away from the limelight. But that is set to change with the industry ... More

Undoubtedly, our future is being driven by technology. The pervasive smartphone experience has programmed many in the “mobile-first” generation to expect almost everything to be untethered, mobile and in many cases autonomous, be it augmented reality/virtual ... More

On the inauguration day of China Tech day, Qualcomm announced the first 5G – NR IoT modem Qualcomm 315. This is a purpose – built modem for gigabit-class, high – performance Industrial IoT (IIoT) use cases, directly addressing the immediate market... More

Right after the last Nvidia quarterly earnings release, Jim Cramer, host of CNBC Mad Money spoke to Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia regarding the deal with Arm. Most of his questions were softballs, but what caught my attention was ... More

How do you confirm your gut feelings and logical reasoning? Well, you do a detailed techno-economic study and get a definitive answer. That’s exactly what the recently published report regarding mmWave deployments from the consulting arm of the legendry Bells Labs achieved. ... More

After pointlessly fighting tooth and nail for almost two years, FTC will now be forced to end the case,after the latest setback at The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (Ninth Circuit). The Ninth Circuit’s well expected en banc denial, following a series of upsets, put the ... More

Right before the passing of the deadline, as expected, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took another swing at Qualcomm by filing a request to reconsider the recent appellate court decision. But to everybody’s surprise, the FTC Chair and Trump appointee Joseph ... More

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“Apple does realize it’s not another chip — it’s strategic intellectual property in a connected device, said Prakash Sangam, founder of Tantra Analyst, a research and advisory firm. “This is one of the key strategic pieces of IP they don’t have, and it makes sense to own it....” More

"'Apple does realize it’s not another chip — it’s strategic intellectual property in a connected device,' said Prakash Sangam, founder of Tantra Analyst, a research and advisory firm... More

"'According to Prakash Sangam ……The consequences of hacking into IoT networks, which typically have simple end devices, have the potential to be far more catastrophic. Hacking the ... More

“The industrial IoT sector is evolving, and industry 4.0 is taking shape. There is extremely high interest and scope to utilize 5G for industrial IoT,” Prakash Sangam wrote in response to questions. ... More

“Prakash Sangam said. ‘The vulnerability is not just because of supply chain .... but the complexity of the technology and the huge risk-and-reward equation.' ”... More

Prakash Sangam, founder of Tantra Analyst, said the 315 modem will mainly address a set of use cases for high bandwidth, high speed, high capacity, long battery life and high reliability... More

They can definitely launch the network”, said Prakash Sangam, founder and principal of Tantra Analyst. He said that the current limitations of open RAN will not prevent Dish from lighting up networks ... More

According to Tantra Analyst Founder Prakash Sangam, also a member of 3GPP, “TSG-RAN is probably the biggest in terms of size, scope, and number of activities…The primary ... More

Sangam detailed [that] "...The bottom line is, with the standards finalized, the ecosystem can now focus on building products and start the next phase of their 5G journey. I expect the first... More

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